Gift Cards

Grow your business with Sweep Gift Cards. Give your revenue streams a shot in the arm. Build more meaningful relationships with your customers and increase traffic. 

Increase Sales

Receive immediate cash flow by selling gift cards to keep customers coming back for more.

Use Your Own Branding

Keep things professional. Sweep lets you design and personalize cards that show off your branding and keep you front-of-mind.

Inuitive For Everyone Involved

Sweep removes the traditional hurdles to efficient gift card use: We’ve made purchasing and redeeming simple and fast for staff and customers alike.

Sweep's Gift Card Program Keeps Sales And Brand Awareness Going Strong

Implement A More Flexible Gift Card Program

Let your customers decide how they’ll engage with your brand by offering their choice of physical or digital cards: Physical cards make awesome gifts and cater to traditional consumers, while digital cards are convenient, hard to lose, and cost nothing to produce.

Explore New Revenue Opportunities

Sweep makes it easy to boost revenue with extremely cost-effective outreach campaigns. Two out of three consumers end up spending 38% more than their gift cards’ values.

Increase Foot Traffic

Increase traffic to your store – Since most gift card purchasers give cards to others, you effectively gain two customers!

Learn More With Point-Of-Sale Matching

Sweep gift cards seamlessly integrate with your point-of-sale system to reveal the game-changing interactions most businesses overlook. Track gift card use and regular transactions in one place to gain a true understanding of consumer behavior.

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