Comprehensive Merchant Analytics

Sweep delivers analytics insights engineered to help you make the best choices for your business. Our dashboard reveals detailed insights into your payment processing, customers, and much more – It’s never been easier to explore additional data on your customers, trends, competitors, and industry benchmarks.

Payment Reports That Demystify Authorization And Batch Activity
Sweep authorization reporting is the complete package. It exposes the heart of your authorization data including truncated card numbers, transaction amounts, and timestamps. Our batch reporting makes reconciliation straightforward by showing details like sales and refunds on each batch. What’s more, Sweep makes it easy to filter records by item categories, card brands, batches, and payment types.
Advanced Product Analytics

Invest in the data that matters: Discover which products are top sellers – and which drag profits down – to better optimize your product and sales strategy.

Insightful Card Analytics
Sweep’s payment-driven data fosters instant understanding, making it easy to explore card processing and revenue trends.
Gain Essential Market Intelligence
Enhance your perception with customer demographics and industry benchmarks driven by actual data derived from spend-driven, issuer-to-market tracking.
Know Your Customer

The era of the vague and unclear customer persona is no more. Sweep provides you with high-value customer demographics including age, income, zip code, and more. Gain a better understanding of your current customers, learn how to attract new clientele, and plan your business expansion strategically. Only Sweep payments deliver the exhaustive insights merchants demand.

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