Back Office

Oversee your business operations from anywhere at anytime with Sweep – Our complete platform allows you to access reports, track inventory, manage employees, and more all from one tool.

Efficient And Intuitive Tools For Busy Restauranteurs.

Reporting Done Right

Every Report You'll Ever Need

With over 50 available report types, Sweep provides all the data sets you care about.

Access To Live Data

Your Sweep back office syncs with real-time operations, so you never lose sight of sales and inventory.

Intuitive And Comprehensive

Stop struggling to understand your data: Sweep presents the information you need in an easy-to-read, intuitive format that breaks down big-picture themes with straightforward, clear visuals.

Inventory Control

Alert Your Staff About Low Inventory

Your Sweep POS continually live-syncs with current back-office inventory levels. If stock runs low, you'll receive re-order notifications, and if any item runs out during service, the POS will automatically mark it as unavailable.

Reduce Food Waste

Stop accepting costly food waste as an inescapable fact of business life. With Sweep, you always know exactly what and how much to order from vendors.

Increase Your Profitability With Sales Data

Make informed decisions with easy access to COG, margin percentage, and sales data. Sweep helps you decide which menu items to keep and which to eliminate based on profitability.

Menu Management

Build Menus

Create and customize your entire menu online. Updates automatically sync with your front-of-house POS in real time.


Easily customize every aspect of your menu, including categories, modifiers, and taxes.

Synced With Online Ordering

Quit trying to juggle separate menus for online ordering and regular service. With Sweep, you only need to create your menu once for the updates to sync to all of your platforms.

Team Management

Time Keeping

Your team members can quickly clock in and out with just a few taps or by scanning their unique Sweep QR codes. Control access, create unique setups, and restrict actions based on roles.

Time Management & Payroll Oversight

Sweep automatically logs employee hours, attendance stats, and punch data, syncing everything with your back-office reports and making it easier to do payroll.

Labor Costs

Access real-time data to explore labor costs, overtime hours, and staff sales performance. Sweep informs money-saving business decisions without adding to your workload.

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